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Values Academy’s aim is to gather, compile and create a wide range of possibilities to exchange professional experience and personal knowledge in the area of value-driven leadership. Values Academy is for companies, organizations and consultants who wish to contribute to a value-driven, self-motivated and goal-oriented organisation. 

What can we offer?


Values Academy helps companies to uncover and define their core values and then show them how to bring these alive by internalizing them and translating them into daily actions.


We act as an educational forum for consultants to go where they can increase their knowledge about values, recieve concrete tools and methods they can use in their work with their clients when it comes to working with values and internal change processes.


We want to be a forum for educating teachers and provide them with concrete tools and methods to be able to work with values in schools and classrooms.


Many people experience a feeling of overwhelm in today's fast-paced life. We want to improve personal leadership skills by making conscious values and attitudes that help to create inner harmony and balance ‍‍. We raise the issue of values so as to get more people to discuss and reflect on what we as individuals can do to contribute to a sustainable society as a whole.

Values Academy

Values Academy is a non-profit organisation. It is a forum that provides information, knowledge and educational tools with the aim of inspiring people and organizations to develop and become more aware of the value of values.


Who do we serve?





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